(The picture you see is one I took in Isle of Man while on holiday.) This edition presents a collection of Fifty-One poems. The poems are lyrical and passionate. They deal with several subjects, such as love, nature, music, travel and various other subjects. Classics poems from Sylvia's work in nearly a decade include "Beautiful"," If you don't Travel", “The Journey of Life",” A lovers Arm" and "If I were a girl".

Sheila Brown is a  woman  working in Brighton, as the Headmistress of a secondary school. One day, out of the blue, Sheila embarks on an exotic Spanish cruise on 'The Pink Pirate' with her Mum. There she meets the mysterious Francisca Carreno and the charming Italian Alanzo,and she begins to question her own sexuality. Sheila has a difficult decision to make as she realises that the challenges of love and happiness often comes with a price.

The beautiful Margaret Al Pucker reconstructs her life in an inspiring and mind-blowing story-telling tale from when she was just a wild promiscuous teenager in the 1950s to the moment she arrived at Riverdale Prison in Tennessee sentenced to life for 3 murders which she denies vehemently that she ever-committed. 18 months into her life sentence in 1966; Margaret escapes Riverdale prison and she becomes a good law-abiding citizen. After 35 years, the FBI finally catches up with Margaret and she is put back in the same prison she initially escaped from. This is a an amazing story.

The Arrival of the Nibitian Aliens

In the winter of 2008, a secret Alliance takes place between a large group of Alien Nibitians and the humans on the planet Earth. Jack Alvin, one of the most powerful men in the world, as the Head of the FSIB is at the centre of this secret successful Alien-Human negotiation. In October 2019, the Nibitians make an unusual demand to the Canadian Government, to occupy the entire Rocky Mountain Range in Canada. Tania Kaymonth, a former member of the FSIB and Dante, a restless International journalist get wind of the secret crisis and both decide to embark on an unexpected wild sinister adventure to find out the truth. What happens next?

The Greatest Chess Kings

This books covers the lives and selected chess games of the following players; George Koltanowski, Ruy López de Segura, Wilhelm Steinitz, Paul Morphy, Emanuel Lasker, José Raúl Capablanca, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Carlsen Magnus, Kramnik, Vladimir, Aronian Levon, Radjabov Teimour, Karjakin Sergey, Anand Viswanathan, Topalov Veselin, Nakamura Hikaru, Mamedyarov Shakhriyar, Grischuk Alexander, Caruana Fabiano, Morozevich, Alexander, Ivanchuk Vassily, Svidler Peter, Leko Peter, Wang Hao, Kamsky Gata, Gelfand Boris, Gashimov Vugar, Jakovenko Dmitry, Maurice Ashley and Pontus Carlsson.

The Greatest Chess Queens

A total of 196 wonderful chess games played by great female chess players are illustrated in this book. 160 carefully selected chess games of the current and past great female chess players in the World are included in this book. 8 fantastic games have been chosen from each of the modern greatest female chess champions. The remaining 36 games are games that include both previous and current female chess pioneers such as Vera Menchik and Susan Polgar.

The Greatest Black Achievers

This book summarizes the lives of the great black people that have made great contributions to the lives of many Worldwide. The book has brief detailed biographies of black activists, scientists, educators, entertainers, musicians, inventors, politicians, authors, sportsmen & women, and others who have surpassed the normal to make historical marks on society. The biographical account of each individual provides relevant dates, events and achievements by the individual. There are pictures and excellent drawings that highlight particular moments in history. This contributes as one of the greatest pieces of work on black history.Type your paragraph here.

The Adventures of Minkey the Monkey is the story of a monkey with special magical powers that lives on a secret animal Island in the Pacific Ocean. The Island is only inhabited by animals that can talk like humans. The Island is called 'The Island of No Man'.

The Island has thousands of monkeys. They cook, clean, and talk with other animals and party.
One day two men and a woman called Irina from Russia visit their Island and kidnap Minkey and his best friend Tricky after tricking them. The woman is on a mission to produce Minkey and Tricky to a Wizard that lives in the forests of China. She hopes the Wizard will change back her parrot to the man she loves after she delivers the two monkeys.

While at sea and happy with their successful conquest, they are attacked by an animal Pirate Ship called’ Fantasy Star’. BearHug, the Captain of the ship keeps the woman, her companions and the 2 monkeys on his ship as prisoners.

Later with trickery again, Irina the beautiful blonde Russian escapes in a small boat and takes Minkey and Tricky with her as they embark on a wild adventure in the Oceans and Skies. 

During their adventure, they meet the Ice Wizard, The Land Dragoness and Witch Folly. They also visit the great Hexagon city in the skies called ‘Pink Skyland’.

On the other side of the globe a Wizard and Witch want to capture Minkey because they can rule the World if they cast a monkey spell. 

Minkey’s parents want Minkey back and engage in the services of a Genie but their wishes keep going wrong. Their final wish transports them to ‘Pink Skyland’ where Minkey and Tricky are finally held captive by the Wizard.

Minkey’s adventure eventually ends when he discovers his own great powers in the sky city and is able to conquer the Wizard in a one to one battle. 

THE ULTIMATE BREXIT DIARY Britain first joined the EU in 1973. On the 23rd of June 2016, in a Brexit referendum, the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. The votes were 17,410,742 (51.89%) to 16,141,241(48.11%), in favour of leaving the EU. Such a tight result for a major decision! This is an Ultimate Brexit diary and it is a journey of the events that led to the ‘British Exit’ vote from the EU. I will share facts and true feelings of mine and the opinions of other people in this journal. The diary covers Brexit news, month by month until the 29th of March 2017, when the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, triggered Article 50 which begins the formal 2-year process of leaving the EU. There are still so many questions that remain unanswered for both British and EU citizens. The diary looks at major news and the effects of the Brexit vote in Britain and the EU. It explores questions asked by many and the concerns about the future. It looks at the economy, politics, immigration and employment. What are the rights of EU citizens that have lived and worked in Britain for many years? What will a future Britain look like?

Brexit Brexit

In the EU, the UK makes an exit

Who deserves merit?

Brexit Brexit


I have written hundreds of poems and a few books. Lots of my poems have been used on personal websites and some books with my permission which makes me quite pleased as it shows that my stuff is well read and appreciated. But everyone even the best gets criticised once in a while and it is something that every writer, creator, artist and author needs to get used to. One can never be everyone's cup of tea. I keep trying to improve myself and break new grounds and this year I will come out with something completely new and special but with a pen name. 

The Greatest Short Poems

Sylvia's poetry is about life, hope, love, family, death, laughter and all the emotions you can lay your hands on in this life-time. It consists of poems that relate to our present time and future and most of my poems portray positivism. The poems in this book are based on beauty, romance, love, passion and, my poems touch on a variety of life elements and situations that are imposed on us daily in our lives. With each poem an introduction is given either i with images or the writers explanation to explain it from a point of view.

Poet and Writer 

Sylvia Lovina Chidi